Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bear Lake-August '09

I think Samuel was mostly scared of the boat--he always had to be holding on to something. In this picture it's the part of the ski rope that kept flapping in his face while to boat was going.
The water was pretty cold--here is grandma warming him up after he got in for the first time.
group picture--look at that glassy water behind us! We had some great weather while we were there.
This was a fun family picture. The Jared Bigler family doing something they love! Complete with matching wet suits--AAWWHH.
Sam did enjoy splashing, but only from the deck of the boat--he squealed when Jared put him all the way in.
Whoa! NICE cut Dad. Fifty-something and still looking strong!
Jared did good too. He almost jumped across the whole wake this time. You never would have known he'd been away from the sport for two years.
I thought this was a beautiful picture of out Bear Lake. Dad and Jared were going to get the boat out.
Sammy did his part too. When he wasn't sleeping in the boat he was our flag holder.

While we were in Utah at the beginning of August for Baylee's baptism, we also squeezed in a short trip to the lake! WOW--we had such a great time. Raul and Nicky and Olivia came up one day, but other than that it was just my family and my parents up there. So, we got the boat all to ourselves. Thanks Mom and Dad for showing us--especially Sammy--such a good time!

Samuel has become a bad sleeper!

From about two months Samuel was sleeping through the night and napping normally, but now and for the last month or so he has become more and more interested in what I am doing. He doesn't want to miss a thing, so he doesn't nap well and hasn't slept through the night in A LONG time! I've tried a couple of things, but they only work for a few days. I shouldn't complain though, because at least he is a happy guy when he is awake. Here are a couple of old pictures of the funny ways we would find that he had fallen asleep.