Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my second quilt!

 This was such a fun pattern to work with!  But putting it together was a little complicated at first.
 And this particular pattern would look so different just by using different colors and prints, I think.
 I tried to show some of the quilting with this picture. 
 I really loved how it turned out!
Sammy loved it too.  He wanted to go to sleep once it was on his bed!
Practice makes perfect.  I'm definitely NOT saying this quilt is perfect, but there is certainly something to be said for experience.

A short hike in Dry Fork Canyon

We had such a fun morning on Saturday, being together and spending time outside.  Our kids have such a fun time in the outdoors!  We all enjoy being outside--I know that we were all meant to be together.  And this has been a busy summer for Jared at work, so it was extra nice for me to spend a day with my boys.

 The hat Quinn is wearing in the picture, Jared had bought at a yard sale that morning.  Any hat, both the boys see they have to put on, and then they start saying Woody's lines from the Toy Story movies.  Me and Jared thought it was hilarious that Quinn was walking around with the hat so low on his head and then we realized that he could see through the mesh!  You can see his little eyes looking through the hat.  What a smart and silly boy we have.
 And Sammy doesn't smile for the camera too often so I had to post this picture because it is such a rarity!

Monday, August 20, 2012