Monday, December 14, 2009

Our ward Christmas party

Here are some of Samuel's friends--an angel and three donkeys.
We had to keep Sam's cap on--that was the only way he would keep the donkey ears on. He was in "observation mode." There was so much going on with all the kids getting dressed up that he was content to sit in Audra's arms and watch all the action.
Here is a view of his costume from the back. I loved the little tail!
I know this is a terrible picture, but I had to post one of Sam's stage debut! He was the best donkey up there too, of course.
Sam didn't cry when I put him in Santa's lap...
But he also would not take his eyes off him.

We had such a fun time this year at our ward Christmas party! The primary put together a rough, chaotic but very cute nativity program for us all before we had dinner and then Santa cmae by after dessert. We love our ward so much. We have so many very close friends there so our ward activities are always much like a big family get-together.

bath time!

Samuel LOVES bath time, but I almost HATE giving him one. He makes such a mess and he cries when it's time to get out. PLUS since I only have the kitchen sink to bathe him in, that means the dishes have to be done before he can have a bath! Living in a trailer is so hard sometimes...

I'm always playing catch-up!

It seems like as soon as Thanksgiving is over there is a mad rush to get ready for Christmas. That was the case with me this year. BUT, I am ready now. The tree is up, the lights are hung, cards are sent out and gifts have been bought. SO NOW I can post the pictures I took at Thanksgiving...I know, I'm terrible.

We spent Thanksgiving in Indio, CA--at Jon and Tara's house. We had such a great time too. We got to see a lot of family because 4 out of the 8 brothers were there and Sam had plenty of cousins to play with.
The day after Thanksgiving we all went to a great little park by Allie's school and played around there. There was this great place for the kids to play and then this grassy area were all the adults got in a bunch of games of Kuub--that is what you see us all doing in the pictures.

As you can see, I am not very good at Kuub, but we all love that Scott and Ashlyn introduced us to the game.

And this was all Sam could do after our fun-filled-family-filled Thanksgiving. Thank you so much, Jon and Tara for beeing such good hosts. We loved spending the time in your home.