Friday, December 16, 2011

San Luis Obispo county visit

One of the days that we were in California visiting Jared's family, we took off to visit our old stomping grounds. We went by our old trailer, visited our former landlords, had lunch with some friends from our old ward at an old San Luis favorite (Firestone) and then drove out to Morro Bay--I needed some salt water taffy! Morro Bay is my 2nd favorite place on this earth! We went to The Rock and watched the tide go out along with some sea otters. We saw some hermit crabs, that Samuel was scared of. We even saw a sea gull catch an octopus!
Then in the evening we went to an Eagle Court of Honor. Two brothers who Jared had as scouts while he was Scoutmaster, were getting their Eagle and wanted Jared to be there. They asked Jared to be a part of the program and they even BOTH gave Jared their Mentor Pins. It was a very neat program and I'm so glad I got to see it. Jared got a little emotional when he was giving the Mentor Pins--I'm glad I got to see that too. It was obvious that he felt all those years of hard work and time spent on being a Scoutmaster had paid off in that one night. And he felt good about seeing the whole scouting experience through with these boys, from start to finish. While living in San Luis we became close with this family too, so, of course, it was so good to see them again. We really miss our friends from SLO and we miss the beauties there too.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ojai hike

One of the days that we were all in Ojai we decided to take a hike. It was an easy one so the kids could do it and it was so FUN!! It was nice to get outside and exercise as see the kids playing so well together and having a good time. We hiked along a creek and the kids--big and little--were crazy enough to get in. I waded in a little and the water was FREEZING! We hiked in, had lunch, and found a good swimming spot on the way out. Jared even found some fossils! Do you ever have those days that you would like to relive? Well, this was one of those days for me!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Santa Barbara Zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is the best zoo I've been to! It's in a beautiful location and has an impressive facility with a wide variety of animals. We went there with some of Jared's family while we were visiting and a fun time was had by all!!! Sam's favorites were the elephants, penguins and the giraffe. Quinn seemed to really like the flamingos and the monkeys. I liked the bald eagle the best--I'm sure that was the favorite for Jared too, next to the California Condors. The kids and the dads took a train ride and we had lunch at this really neat park in the zoo. That green thing that Sam and his cousin are on was this big mound with astro-turf on it and the kids would slide down on cardboard pieces. Plus, no waiting in line, they would just pick a spot, sit down and slide. We all had such a fun day!!!

The beach in November!?!

We went to California to visit Jared's family over Thanksgiving. We had such BEAUTIFUL weather! I had forgotten already, especially becasue when we left Vernal it was 20 degrees outside.
One of the days we were there we went to this great park on the beach. This slide was a huge hit with all the kids...
and the dads.
We didn't bring Quinny's swim trunks, but he really wanted to get in the water, so we improvised.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sammy's new boots

This made me laugh so hard! The funniest part was seeing him trying to get out of the boots.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was our families fist experience with trick-or-treating. Sam's never been old enough before and we lived in a place where trick-or-treaters never come. SO, this year was sooooo fun! Jared took the boys around and I stayed home and handed out candy--I love that part of Halloween. Jared said that all Sam wanted to do was go inside peoples houses when they opened their door. A little awkward with people we didn't know, but they got through it.
Quinn the tiger. Sammy was Tigger when hs 1 year old, so Quinn is just following in his footsteps. Although Sam could also walk when he was Tigger.
And, here's Sammy, the dinosaur. He's grown so much in a year. He was this last year and it was huge on him. This year he barely fit into it!

This was such a fun Halloween for me! It's so cool that having kids let you be a kid again yourself!

Another day-off with Dad!

The new visitor's center and Fossil Quarry just opened up in the Dinosaur National Monument State Park! It is a pretty great place to spend a day and the visitor's center was free to visit all during the month of October. SO, that's what we did last Saturday.

These pictures are from a short little driving tour we did of just a small portion of the Dinosaur National Monument State Park. It is beautiful country, hu? The river in some of the pictures is the Green River, and there's a boat ramp at this camp ground. Who wants to go river rafting on the Green River with us next summer?!?
These pictures are of the newly opened fossil quarry. This is an AMAZING new addition to the monument. It is incredible how many fossils are in this one huge slab of rock. Then they built this awesome viewing center around it so people can see the fossils up close.
Some of the bones they'll let you touch--it is very kid friendly.
Sam LOVED it and he was telling ANYONE who would listen that this was a dinosaur...
and what dinosaurs say. (if you zoom in he in "roar"-ing, complete with hand motions!)