Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

We were in Utah for Thanksgiving this year, and we had SUCH a NICE TIME! There was a lot of snow for us to play in. I thought it looked beautiful, but Sam didn't like playing in it this time. Jared liked the workout he got while shoveling it though.

Here's my boys with Marci's kids. Everyone LOVED getting their picture taken with little Quinny!
Baylee MADE Quinn's hat. I love it and it looks like Quinn loves it too. Thanks Baylee!
There was a lot of movie watching at grandma and grandpa's house. Sam loved the company too.
Dad was the BEST one at getting Quinn to calm down or fall asleep. Awh...sooooo cute!
We blessed Quinn in my parent's ward on the 28th. It was so nice to have so much family come to be there! It was a SNOWY day so it meant even more that everyone braved the icy roads. It was such a nice day, and a fun party after church with good food and good company. Thank you everyone for coming! (I love how Sam is playing with my hair in this picture)
Here is the man of the day. He was so calm during his blessing. Jared was able to take his time and he really gave Quinn such a beautiful blessing.
A family picture. What handsome boys I have!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trunk or Treat

I had such a good time at our ward's Trunk or Treat this year! Sam did better too--he would actually walk up to people who were offering him candy. He didn't get it last year. (Sam and Jared are in this picture. Look for the bright green spot at the front of the room.)
After everyone was done outside, we all came in to the cultural hall and watched the "parade."
They were playing the song "Ghost Busters" and Sam loves to dance when there's music playing, so these pictures are of him dancing.
It shows that he was having such a good time! I was having a GREAT time watching my husband parade my dancing child around the room, while dancing to the music himself. I love that Jared didn't care who was watching--he was going to dance with his son! What a good dad!!!
These pictures are of my Primary class. Here's cute Little Red Ridding-Hood.
Here's a scary Zombie--YIKES!
Here's a beautiful Greek goddess.
And here's the pretty green M&M--love the boots!
Quinn was a hit in his bat costume! A lot of people were surprised I could find a real costume that small. Thanks, mom for sending it. He was so snug in this little fleece romper!
And here is my little dinosaur. Sam even had the sound effects down. He was growling at everybody! He is such a fun little guy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My boys

My friend, Amy, made these shirts for my boys--aren't they so cute?!? (the shirts and the kids) Finally Quinn fits into his. I never got to let Amy see them wearing these shirts, so hopefully she sees this post.
Looking at this last picture is interesting to me. I don't see any family resemblance between the two. Neither do I see any of me or Jared in them. Oh well.

Quinn @ 2 weeks old

Here you go Marci and Mandi
My sisters have been requesting MORE pictures of the new baby. He's 2 weeks in these pictures, but he's 5 weeks today--what a difference 3 weeks makes! I think he's a little over 8 lbs in these pictures, but now he is over 10lbs! AND he no longer just zonks out anywhere--I actually have to work to get him to sleep now!

Sammy's 2nd B-day

We had such a fun day!!! Thank goodness my mom was visiting. Because of her we were able to throw Sammy a pretty great party. I really think that he knew it was all for him, and I think he had a happy birthday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hear he is--Quinn Albert Bigler

Our first family picture!
Here is Sammy holding his little brother--his VERY little brother!
Such a proud daddy!
What a sweet, peaceful, perfect face!
All that hard work was worth it though.
They say the labor and delivery is hard for your first, easy for your second and unpredictable the third time. Well, not so for me. It was definitely harder with Quinn. I'll skip all the gory details, but he was 7 lbs, 6 oz--very small to me. Thankfully though, a month later he's now over 10 lbs! He doesn't contribute much to the family now, since he sleeps most of the time, but he sure is cute to look at. We love him and we know how lucky we are to have a healthy baby!

Friday, October 22, 2010

WAY behind

I just realized that I haven't blogged for a month! Only a month has past?!? So much has happened in that month. First I had a baby, then my first baby turned two!! We've had so much family come to see us and we've traveled to see family--a lot of fun, and had work, has been crammed into one month. Stay tuned for the pictures.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

I can't believe I haven't blogged these pictures yet!! Jared, Sam and me went to Utah in August to visit my family. One of the weeks we were there we spent at Bear Lake--my favorite place on earth! Here are some pictures of our time there. My parents and my sisters and their family came and it was sooo fun spending time there with them.

Bear Lake is my favorite place on earth because I have so many precious memories from that place. My family has been going there since my oldest sister was a baby. We are so lucky to have that place and I am so happy that MY kids, now, get to experience it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach day

Last weekend we went down to Ojai again. Jared's aunt and cousin from Ohio were visiting. We went to the beach on Saturday and had such a good time! We had a barbecue lunch and then moved down to the water. Sam thought it was too cold to get in, but he did have a good time playing in the sand with his cousins. Jared and Scott were the only ones to get in. The waves were HUGE and it was fun just to watch them play in them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A few random shots

Here is Sam on the site of one of Jared's projects in Santa Maria. We stopped by on one of our trips down to Ojai. Sam loved the hard hat but didn't like the vest so much.

And here is Jared teaching Sam to do the dishes. I think he really liked seeing what it is that we are doing when we stand in this one place for so long all the time. And Sam's not wearing any pants because they had just come in from watering the plants and the garden outside. Sam loves helping with that chore because he loves playing in the water. He usually gets wet from head to toe, but this day he had actually climbed into the water bucket.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have a wonderful husband who threw me a surprise birthday party on June 19th. He was going to play at the park with Sam while I ran some errands. So we got to the park and Jared suggested I come and play for awhile. Lucky for him I was agreeable to that suggestion. So we were walking to the play area and we saw a big group of people who yelled "SURPRISE!" And I was so surprised! So we barbecued burgers, ate cake, played games and I went around hugging all the people that came! I was so happy to find all those people came to make me happy. There were friends from my ward there, my family from San Jose and Jared's family from Ventura county--I was flattered that so many would drive so far to wish me a happy birthday. And a little bit shocked that my husband could pull it all off without me finding out! So here are some pictures from the party.
Thanks Amy for taking pictures and for decorating those incredible cakes. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family! And I know that there were others who wanted to be there but couldn't. Thank you all for thinking of me. I LOVE YOU!!!