Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow day!!

On Saturday Jared, Sam and I went with the youth in our ward to the Sierras to play in the snow. (Sam looked so cute all bundled up) It was an....interesting day. But we did have a good time in the snow. First, it was a 4 hour drive, but the ride home was even longer because it snowed the whole day which made the roads more treacherous on the way down.
It was beautiful up there--all the pine trees that were both moss covered and snow covered! Sam loved all the room he had to walk around in. He got mad when he would fall down on the hill, so he spent most of the day walking around in the parking lot--leaving cute, little footprints everywhere he went.
Jared only went down the hill twice--once on his own and once with Sam. Sam didn't love it--it was just so cold with the cold wind in their face along with the snow--it wasn't all that fun. It was pretty funny watching the youth going down the hills though--going over jumps and then wiping out at the bottom. I don't think there were any injuries, but some of the wipe outs looked hilarious--I mean painful.
This is father and son at the bottom--it was really easy to get a still shot because they never got going very fast. The girl above Jared (Kate) pretty much had to push them the whole way.
Here is one last shot of Sam in his snow cloths.
So, the ride home was the interesting part. We had to put chains on the van we borrowed on the way up the mountain. We didn't need them on the way up, but thank goodness we had them for the drive down! There was one spot where we fish-tailed a little BUT then, going around one corner we did a complete 360! I was scared, but Jared kept his cool! He started slowing down going into the turn which cause the tires to slip. His first instinct was to push the brakes which is what sent us into the spin, but then he remembered what you actually SHOULD do in this situation which is push the gas. He did that and had control again--PHEW. Sam never knew what was going on because he was watching his movie, but the brother and sister that we were driving back home had opposite reactions. The boy (Greyson) goes "that was Awesome!" While his sister (Reagan) said "I think I'm going to throw up." She didn't and we made it home safely. We were lucky. So, that was our weekend!