Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a GREAT Halloween!  And the day after, Sam is still wearing part of his pirate costume.
 Look at my cute pirate.  All day Sam was saying he was Jack Sparrow.  I even asked him his name a few times and usually he's so proud to say "I'm Samuel."  But Halloween, he was Jack Sparrow!
 My little superman even has his own kryptonite...
 his binky.
 Phew! He got it back.
 And we even got a picture without it!
They had a great time trick-or-treating!  They got a ton of candy too.
We had a great night!  I LOVE these boys!!!

He was having a great time, and then...

he wasn't.  My baby is, evidently, very sensitive to cold!