Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another beautiful hike!

Here are a couple of pictures of yet another beautiful hike that we took. This one is literally in our own backyard--our house is just down that hill behind us.
This is the same hilltop, different view. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area, but this has been a particularly lucky, beautiful year because we've gotten a lot of rain.
Samuel got the best view though from way up there!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Santa Barbara Zoo

Sam liked the gorilla, but the gorilla didn't like him. Sam was being too loud for the gorilla's liking--he was covering his face the whole time. Sam just liked the sound of his voice echoing in the empty glass room.
It was also nice to have the room to ourselves so both the kids could be as loud as they wanted--sorry gorillas.
The giraffes were entertaining too. The little one kept chasing the cranes around--it looked so graceful when it ran. They looked like very happy animals! I'd be happy too if I had that view of the ocean all the time too!
This was taken just after lunch. We had a couple of happy and well behaved kids with us--luckily.
It was a great day!
Me and Ashlyn took our kids to the zoo on Friday. I spent the weekend down there while our husbands were off kayaking on Santa Cruz Island. We were at the zoo right when it opened so we beat the crowd. We were even alone most of the time so we could let the kids walk around instead of being stuck in the stroller the whole time. The Santa Barbara Zoo is so beautiful! It is the best zoo I've been to--not too big, lots of animals and a variety, inexpensive, and beautiful grounds.
Thanks Ashlyn! We had such a fun time with you and Aubree--and thanks for the pictures!