Monday, March 16, 2009

Our little merman

Sunday morning when I went in to get Sam up, I got him all un-swaddled and found this. Somehow, even though he was all wrapped up in blankets, he managed to put both of his legs in on of the legs of his PJ's. What a silly guy!

Peas--not his favorite

Here is Sam--all happy to be eating. He does like to eat, and the rice wasn't so bad. I told him he was gonna get something new.
He tries it....
This face explains his feelings perfectly!
Here, Mommy, you can have it back. (I tasted the peas too, and I don't blame him)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday best

Here is Sam in his Sunday best. My friend Alison, sent me this outfit. And it's such a crowd please-er. He always gets a ton on compliments--more than usual--on how cute he is! And the socks are still a big hit too.
Some new things that Sam is doing now, (now that he is 5 months!) are: he has mastered the roll. He's very comfortable rolling from back to front, but if he gets mad enough on his tummy, he'll roll back to his back. He's always pulling his socks off. Maybe he likes the taste of his toes better without the socks on. And he's a big talker too. He has had a cold this last week and his voice got a little horse, which made him sound even cuter when he would talk. Oh, yeah--Sam is eating solids now too. I have some pictures to post of his first time too. He's just had rice cereal, but I don't think he likes it that much. But he did great with that, so lucky for Sam, it's time to try some vegetables. I can't wait to see THAT reaction.