Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery

On Saturday the whole family went on an adventure. We heard about a hike at the fish hatchery from someone in our ward but we weren't sure how to get there. We took a couple of wrong turns and ran into one big road hazard, but we made it. AND it was so worth it! WOW what beautiful scenery we saw--the pictures really don't do it justice.
So, here is the story:
We had just started our drive and we see THIS way down the road. "Are those cows?" I say. We waited for awhile and then we got aggressive. I caught the attention of one of the wranglers. She was a little old woman driving what looked like an all-terrain golf cart. I asked here if there was any way we could get through and she says, "Follow me. I'll getcha through, but ya gotta stay close."
So we followed her while she parted the sea of cows. She was AMAZING. She just got up behind the cows and they moved for her--if they didn't move, she had no problem bumping them a little.
There she is, in action. It was kinda scary, but we made it through the thick of it, then she waved us by and we were through the weirdest road hazard ever.
Here we are at the fish hatchery. Behind me and to my right are just some of the tanks that were there and all of them were FULL of hundreds of little trout. They would even jump up out of the water when we would come near. Sammy loved it!
Behind us is the Jones Hole Creek. The fish are released into the creek and then the creek flows into the Green River.
Here is Sammy--we caught him in the middle of his signature dance move. It must be a rain dance because later on the hike we got rained on.
Aren't there views incredible! Sammy learned the word "amazing" and he said in many times that day. We also heard lots of "WHOA's" and "rock."
This one is out of order and it's not that great of a picture, but it was the only one we had of the fish in the tanks.

Some of the hike, and this meadow in particular, reminded Jared of a scene in "Lord of the Rings." Once he mentioned that I could hear the music in my head. And here is our little elf guide.
Jared and Sammy taking a break on a nice rock "lounger."
Me and Quinny next to the Jones Hole Creek. We stopped to let Sammy play in the creek and I let Quinn sit in the grass and he loved it. He liked just pulling at it and surprisingly none of it made it into his mouth!
We saw this on the hike. It is the kind of cactus Jared has been surveying for at work all week!
We had such a great time--this hike was the perfect place to spend a Saturday. So, if anyone wants to come visit us, we would love to go back there and be your guide. We didn't make it because it started raining, but there is a waterfall that we would love to go back and see.