Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colorado Springs--what a beauty!

All the kids having a kiddy picnic--they got along so well!
Us kissing with 'kissing camels' in the back ground.

The perfect family picture spot. This one is frame-worthy, I think.
The whole gang in Pres. Charsley's home.
We just had the FUNNEST weekend in Colorado visiting the Ororio family. Cesar is one of Jared's old mission companions. They were companions for only 3 weeks in the MTC, yet Cesar is the only companion that Jared has kept in touch with. So, the Osorio family and the Bigler family have a lot in common--we were both married in the same year and our children were born within months of each other.
On this fun-filled, long weekend we went to the Colorado Springs Zoo. It has surpassed Santa Barbara as my favorite zoo. All the animals were so active and they had an amazing variety. Then we went to this fun little arcade in the old downtown are of Springs--it's what the natives call Colorado Springs. On Sunday, after church we went to Garden of the Gods. It's a beautiful state park with really neat rock formations all around. And it is HUGE--it seems everything in Springs is huge. We finished the visit off by visiting Jared and Cesar's old mission president and his family. He is from South Africa, but after the mission he moved back to Colorado Springs. So we looked him up and arranged a visit. And what a neat family! It was fun to sit around and hear all the reminiscing!
The drive out to Colorado was beautiful! But the drive home was dangerous!! We drove through a bad storm--we did a couple of 360's, on the freeway, no big deal. I am so glad we went, but I was even more glad that we were home safely!