Friday, July 15, 2011

Around town

Here are some old shots from about 2 months ago. I just had to include this one of Quinny eating his sock.
We visited the temple grounds...

And the Dinosaur Museum in town. Sammy loved the museum and we loved hearing him go hoarse from "roar'-ing the whole time.
We we just love looking at this sweet face all day-every day!

Flaming Gorge

Here are my boys at Flaming Gorge.
It was sooooo BEAUTIFUL! I can easily say that it was breathtakingly beautiful!!!

We finally took a drive a few weeks ago out to Flaming Gorge. AND WOW....we had a great day. We were in awe at the beauty of this place. And we just scratched the surface of everything there was to see. We will be going back to see more of this amazing place--who wants to come with us?!?

Birthday present

For my birthday I traded in my old sewing machine and got a NEW one. Well, it's used but it's new to me AND it works 10 times better than my old one. I love it and I have been using it a lot. If I had a little girl I would probably be sewing fluffy dresses and skirts, but I have been trying my hand at quilting. The table cloth was my first attempt and it is very flawed. But the messed up parts are against the wall so you can't seem them.
But, I LOVE how my pinwheel pillow turned out! My next project is going to be a quilt for our bed, YIKES! It's going to match this pillow and another pillow I am almost done with. I hope the quilt turns out as nice as my pillow.
The quilt in the middle picture is one my mom made for Jared for his birthday. She made it out of some of Jared's favorite T-shirts that I stole from him. I love how the quilt turned out and this is a way for Jared to keep using his precious T-shirts!