Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1 year old!!

My baby is 1 year old today!!! He's not a baby anymore.

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for him at my parent's house. My sisters and their families were there, my Aunt Karen, as well as my uncle and aunt, some cousins and their families.

Here I am presenting Quinny with his birthday cupcake.
There were so many people there and we were all watching his every move, and he got really shy. He never got to dig into that yummy cupcake because he got stage fright--I had to rescue him from his highchair.
He did pretty good with opening his presents though.
PJs from Aunt Mandi...
shoes and cars from grandma and grandpa and Aunt Marci. He didn't mind all the help from his cousins.
I think he had a fun day. And he did get a little cake...see there is some left over on his chin.