Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There's a new horse in town

Our first horse (Jared) is getting old a tired, but Sam was more than willing to step up as our new horse.  He's not as well trained as our old horse, but he'll learn.  Plus our new horse is a lot easier to get on and off, for Quinn.

4th of July parade

We stayed around town this 4th of July and decided to check out the Vernal parade.  It was THE MOST boring parade I've see!

 a few fire trucks with loud sirens...
 Sam liked the
 one marching band...
and then the rest of the 2 hour parade was drilling truck after drilling truck.
See, it was so boring our 1 year old fell asleep
The rest of our holiday was nice though.  We saw some friends from San Luis, had a barbeque with them and then watched some pretty impressive fireworks.  It was a great day...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED!