Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sam sweats a lot when he sleeps. The other day Sam fell asleep in my arms so I got to play with his hair.
It got all sweaty so I played with it. See how it's sticking up? He's got enough now to style!
Look how long my hair has gotten! It's way too long. Sam it always grabbing it and my hair is everywhere in the bathroom, clogging the sink and I'm constantly picking it off of things. It was driving me crazy!!!
So I cut it all off! All 13 inches! I donated the braid to Locks of Love. It is super easy to do now and Jared even likes the style.
It was fun to shock everyone at church. Some of the primary kids even commented on it.


SABigler said...

love love love the hair!!!!! i'm cutting mine this week too, short cuts are the cutest!

Kiwi said...

Your new hair style is beautiful and practical. Once they start grabbing it's a good time to trim your hair.

marcihite said...

Holy smokes! I can't believe how long your hair was! That's amazing! It looks super cute cut! And Sam's sweaty mohawk hair looks adorable of course.

Mandi H said...

Short cuts are so sassy! LOOOOOOOOOOOOve it!

Jenna said...

Your hair is cute! And how great is Locks of Love? I did the same thing when I chopped my hair off last year, except I only had about 11 inches, I think. Life with short hair is amazing.

Samuel is adorable! Congratulations!