Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clark and Shannon's wedding

One week later, Clark and Shannon got married in St. George. This was a fun trip for me because I was able to see my parents! Jared and I didn't think Sam would tolerate the drive to Utah, so we flew to Vegas, stayed a night in the Paris Hotel, and then drove to St. George. My parents hadn't seen Sam since February so it was so nice that they drove south to see us! We had such a great time shopping, swimming at the hotels, eating out and of course attending the temple and the wedding.


Momma Nic said...

Just had fun catching up on your blog. Sam is so cute. He is growing so fast. Enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday Jared.

Tara said...

Cute pix! Fun to see an event that I was at, but with totally different pictures.
Sam is so cute.