Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A day at the beach

These pictures are from a whilr back--from the end of May. But they are so cute I HAD to blog them. Ashlyn took them all when she showed Sam and me around Ventura. First we went to a small farmers market. Then she took us thrift store shopping. Here we are outside the store. Sam wasn't that interested.
Then we went to the beach and just watched the waves and the surfers for a while.
Sam was having such a good time! He loves the beach, evidently.
Ashlyn and I were getting a lot of attention with our babies. One cute baby is good, but two is better. People were stopping us to say hi to our cute little ones. Most people thought they were twins, even though there were two moms and we were each holding one baby and Aubree is so much smaller than Sam. Oh, well, it was fun to get the attention. The perfect stranger who took THIS picture somehow got the biggest smile out of Sam I have ever seen!
After all that excitement they were pooped so we had a nice quite lunch and drive back to Ojai! Thanks Ashlyn and Aubree for showing us such a good time.


malena said...

what cuties!!!

Shawna said...

Hi guys! Can't believe I didn't find your blog before now. Sam has grown so much since we saw you last! Looks like you're all doing well :)

~Shawna, Greg & Nancy

Thompson Family Blog said...

Oh, what a cute little guy. It sure makes me miss you when I look at your blog. You guys are such very special people. I miss watching you during singing time, McKenzi.


Macon Family said...

Looks fun! He's growing up so quickly!