Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lots of "1st-s" over the holiday

Sammy has a few first-s while we were in Utah for Christmas. His first haircut--this is the before:
And this is the after. My mom cut it and she did such a good job! He looks like such a little boy now. I was a little sad to have his hair cut, but maybe now we'll stop getting comments like "your daughter is so cute."
Also, Sammy played in the snow for the fist time in his life!
Jared took all the kids who wanted to outside and they made a snow pyramid. Sammy has always loved being outside so he loved the snow too.

Here are some more pictures of the hair cut. I just held Sam and gave him juice while my mom cut so that Samuel wouldn't know what she was doing back there. It seemed to work great.


Anthony said...

We are two chickens when it comes to getting Masons first haircut. I don't want the curls to go away. Sam looks very handsome.

Macon Family said...

First haircut...that's big, looks good! Glad you guys had a fun Christmas in Utah with your family!!

Angela said...

He's adorable, and he looks just like you! I could never wait to give my boys their first haircuts, the sooner the better. :)

Clint and Gillian said...

I'm not going to lie, I think I love that first picture...was Sam just waking up, with his hair all crazy?? I LOOOOVE it!! But I do love his haircut, he's so handsome!!! :)