Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lovely weekend with Grandma & Grandpa

Lat weekend my parents came to visit! I was so grateful because it was so NICE to see them. It was so short, but we had such a great time. This is a picture of a little walk we went on. It's across the street from the lagoon in Pismo--right by one of MANY campgrounds in Pismo.

We also walked on the boardwalk in Pismo. Then we walked out on the beach and collected sea shells and rocks. AND it was a miracle that the weather was so nice. We went out to lunch at the Rock and Roll diner in Oceano (the one that's made out of two train cars) and it was then that it started raining. We had another nice day together on Sunday before I had to take them back to the airport. It was sad that their visit was so short, but we DID have a lot of fun with the time that we had. Thank you so much for coming to visit us, Mom and Dad. We love you so much!!! (Oh, and from the snail video, Sammy ended up squishing the snail and then wiping it all over his shirt. He is such a boy!)

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