Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had such a FUN Christmas! We spent 6 FUN-filled days with Jared's family. Both going out or staying in--we had a GREAT time!!! It was especially nice to see Sammy play with his cousins--he has so many that are his age.
Some of us met one day at a park. Sammy, of course found a puddle (we've been having a lot of rain lately) and went swimming--really. He got wet from HEAD to TOE.
Jared took off his wet cloths and Sammy just kept on playing.
Thankfully, Aubree lent Sam her jacket.
This was a before-the-puddle shot on the walk to the park.
Christmas day. I am so proud of this shot. It's hard to get Sammy to smile for the camera. But all I did was say "SMILE!" and Sammy just started laughing.
Quinny got this toy in his stocking.
Aubree and Sammy very engaged in the show they were watching.
Here's chubby Quinn in his Christmas PJ's. I don't have one of Sammy because he got his dirty right away.

This was taken later on in the week. I loved seeing these guys playing together. They got along great--for the first few hours, but it was always a fun few hours.
Here's handsome Quinn. Thanks Baylee for giving him this outfit. The tie wouldn't fit because Quinn has too many chins to button the top button.
Here are my beautiful boys all ready for church. Quinn was being more cooperative for this shot than Sam. Sam had all the new toys to play with!
We had such a fun Christmas. It was nice to see everyone, but we missed those who couldn't make it.

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