Monday, March 21, 2011

update, FINALLY!!!

We moved!!! Our family of four got too big for the tiny trailer we were living in and Jared found a great job opportunity in Vernal, UT. Our many, many prayers were answered and we moved from beautiful San Luis Obispo to cold, COLD Vernal at the end of February. Jared had a week of unemployment so we could settle in to our new house and then he started his new job on March 7th. THEN me and Jared, along with my parent, my sisters and their husbands, went to Cancun, Mexico for a week! It was great!!!! (Jared's saintly mother watched Sam and Quinn for us.) And now we're finally getting back to a regular schedule. Life has slowed down enough for me to update the blog. So in the next few posts are some pictures of the last exciting, busy, whirl-wind month!

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