Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swim lessons for Sammy

 Here he is waiting patiently (honestly...I was as surprised as you are) for his teachers to arrive so he could get in the water.  Before he can get in the water he has to get showered.  He hates this part but it is a little fun for me.
 Sammy really likes both his teachers.  I was impressed with them too, and the whole program.  There are 2 teachers for his class of 6 and there are about 5 other classes going on at the same time.  And there are lifeguards sitting on chairs everywhere, even one on the edge of the water where the kids in Sammy's class wait their turn to practice with the teacher.  I felt that Sammy was so safe being in the water without me!
 Here he is learning to float on his back.  When I try to get him to do it with me he always struggles off of being on his back.  That teacher must be whispering something extra special in his little ear!
 I LOVE how looks so HAPPY in all these pictures, and it is so fun for me to sit poolside and watch him enjoying himself so much!  He has this smile on his face the entire 40 min. class!


SABigler said...

Sammy looks so happy in the water, yeah for swim lessons! and yeah for a happy mamma that gets to just sit and watch!

Mandi H. said...

Wow! Don't they look so big learning new things. That pool looks fun. Can we go there when we come? Yeah Sammy!