Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A demonstration of one of Sam's b-day presents

My mom sent Sammy some of those squeaky shoes for his birthday! I tried them right on. They fit perfectly and I LOVE the squeak! Thank you so much mom. The onesie he's wearing was made by my friend Amy. It has a 1 in the middle of the bat (which is glow in the dark) and on the back it says "you've had a birthday shout hurray." I love it!


Liz P. said...

Hi, McKenzi, I pulled your blog off of your facebook account, I hope that is ok, You little guy is very cute, & I love the name Sam ! I hope all is well. Just where is it you live in California?

jmbiglerfam said...

Hi Lizzy! It's great to hear from you. Your blog is cute! All IS well here is San Luis Obispo--it's a cute little central coast town. I hope your little family is good and we'll keep in touch now that we're "in touch."