Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sammy turns 1!

I made the cupcakes, Mom Bigler provided the cute candles, and Kellie made the little snakes out of marzipan.

On Sunday while we were in Ojai for conference we had an early birthday party for Sam. I made cupcakes and I got some pictures of Sammy enjoying his. These turned out just like I wanted! We all sang happy birthday to him and I think he got that we were singing to him. At first Sammy didn't like the cupcake, because the frosting was sticking to his fingers, but then he got a taste and ate up all crumbs that he could pick up with his little fingers. Then after he enjoyed his cupcake, he went begging for cheesecake. I think he had a fun time.


Macon Family said...

How fun, can't believe he is already 1-wow!!!

Tara said...

so cute! happy birthday sammy!