Monday, October 17, 2011


I can't believe it, my oldest is 3 YRS OLD!!! He turned 3 last week, but we had a party for him when my parents visited on the weekend.
We opened presents...
played with our new toys...(thank you so much everyone for the gifts!!)
then we needed a nap. Here is sammy with his new quilt from grandma sleeping in his new big boy bed from Mimi.
Then it was party time!! Me and my mom spent most of the morning making these cupcakes...
but they were a big hit. They tuened out so cute and it was fun making them too.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday to Sammy. When we all started singing he got this HUGE smile on his sweet little face. I think he knew this party was for him!
WOW, what a great day!

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