Wednesday, October 19, 2011

random pictures of my boys

They love smiling for the camera and they are such happy boys most of the time. And they play together well too--most of the time.
Quinn has a mouthful of teeth--6 with two more on the way. He is so close to walking. Right now it seems he just gets too tired to try and that crawling is so much easier. Yesterday he did his first sign--milk. He's getting so big, but sadly those chubby cheeks are fading away.
Sam is getting better and better everyday with obeying me. He'll help clean up his toys and he'll say sorry to Quinn when I tell him to. He's become very affectionate lately too. He say "love you" all the time and he's very generous with his hugs and kisses. Quinny gives kisses to if you ask him--they're nice big open-mouthers.
I sure love these guys!

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