Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another day-off with Dad!

The new visitor's center and Fossil Quarry just opened up in the Dinosaur National Monument State Park! It is a pretty great place to spend a day and the visitor's center was free to visit all during the month of October. SO, that's what we did last Saturday.

These pictures are from a short little driving tour we did of just a small portion of the Dinosaur National Monument State Park. It is beautiful country, hu? The river in some of the pictures is the Green River, and there's a boat ramp at this camp ground. Who wants to go river rafting on the Green River with us next summer?!?
These pictures are of the newly opened fossil quarry. This is an AMAZING new addition to the monument. It is incredible how many fossils are in this one huge slab of rock. Then they built this awesome viewing center around it so people can see the fossils up close.
Some of the bones they'll let you touch--it is very kid friendly.
Sam LOVED it and he was telling ANYONE who would listen that this was a dinosaur...
and what dinosaurs say. (if you zoom in he in "roar"-ing, complete with hand motions!)


Mandi H said...

Me, I have always wanted to go river rafting. Let's go! Well next summer.

Angela said...

We were _so_ going to go to Dinosaur National Monument last month but we decided we couldn't spend the money. :( Rats, it looks like a lot of fun.