Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was our families fist experience with trick-or-treating. Sam's never been old enough before and we lived in a place where trick-or-treaters never come. SO, this year was sooooo fun! Jared took the boys around and I stayed home and handed out candy--I love that part of Halloween. Jared said that all Sam wanted to do was go inside peoples houses when they opened their door. A little awkward with people we didn't know, but they got through it.
Quinn the tiger. Sammy was Tigger when hs 1 year old, so Quinn is just following in his footsteps. Although Sam could also walk when he was Tigger.
And, here's Sammy, the dinosaur. He's grown so much in a year. He was this last year and it was huge on him. This year he barely fit into it!

This was such a fun Halloween for me! It's so cool that having kids let you be a kid again yourself!

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SABigler said...

love it! the boys look so cute in their costumes!
p.s. i like the new blog title picture with them in their matching PJs, glad they fit! can't wait to see you guys!