Friday, December 16, 2011

San Luis Obispo county visit

One of the days that we were in California visiting Jared's family, we took off to visit our old stomping grounds. We went by our old trailer, visited our former landlords, had lunch with some friends from our old ward at an old San Luis favorite (Firestone) and then drove out to Morro Bay--I needed some salt water taffy! Morro Bay is my 2nd favorite place on this earth! We went to The Rock and watched the tide go out along with some sea otters. We saw some hermit crabs, that Samuel was scared of. We even saw a sea gull catch an octopus!
Then in the evening we went to an Eagle Court of Honor. Two brothers who Jared had as scouts while he was Scoutmaster, were getting their Eagle and wanted Jared to be there. They asked Jared to be a part of the program and they even BOTH gave Jared their Mentor Pins. It was a very neat program and I'm so glad I got to see it. Jared got a little emotional when he was giving the Mentor Pins--I'm glad I got to see that too. It was obvious that he felt all those years of hard work and time spent on being a Scoutmaster had paid off in that one night. And he felt good about seeing the whole scouting experience through with these boys, from start to finish. While living in San Luis we became close with this family too, so, of course, it was so good to see them again. We really miss our friends from SLO and we miss the beauties there too.

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Lora Spencer said...

i got teary just reading about jared getting both kade and Kellan's mentor pins. such good boys, and so cool for Jared. love you girl. man those kids look big. send me your address (my facebook account) and i'll get you our card! love, lora