Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Santa Barbara Zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is the best zoo I've been to! It's in a beautiful location and has an impressive facility with a wide variety of animals. We went there with some of Jared's family while we were visiting and a fun time was had by all!!! Sam's favorites were the elephants, penguins and the giraffe. Quinn seemed to really like the flamingos and the monkeys. I liked the bald eagle the best--I'm sure that was the favorite for Jared too, next to the California Condors. The kids and the dads took a train ride and we had lunch at this really neat park in the zoo. That green thing that Sam and his cousin are on was this big mound with astro-turf on it and the kids would slide down on cardboard pieces. Plus, no waiting in line, they would just pick a spot, sit down and slide. We all had such a fun day!!!

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