Thursday, January 29, 2009

Before and After


Sam is moving around so much. He doesn't roll over yet, but he scoots around, as you can see. I wanted to tell you all a funny story that happened this same morning. He had a blowout diaper so I got him all undressed and cleaned up, but I didn't have a change of close right there with me so I had so go back in i=his room for an outfit. He laying there in just his diaper and I come back and he's rolled onto his side with his legs up and his back is toward me. It is SOOO cold in our house in the morning so my hands were freezing. I touched Sam's bare back and he looks over his shoulder back at me and then at my cold hand and gave me such a dirty look! Like-"how dare you touch me with those cold hands!" It was so cute!


Tara said...

Aw man, he's growing up already! Learning new things.
What a cutie!

Nicole said...

Hey guys, its Craig and Nicole Rees. I am so glad you guys have a blog! Your little guy is soooo cute. They are little blessings and so much fun!

Tawni and Paul said...

Charlotte does the same thing. I'll put her in her crib one way and when I go in again she's in a totally different direction. Isn't it fun! Sam is such cutie!