Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sam's blessing--WHAT A DAY!

December 28, 2008--what a day!
First I have to thank mine and Jared's family. So many people came to support us and it made the day more special because we got to share it with those who could come.
Second, Jared did such a good job with everything! He made arrangement for places for almost everyone to stay and for a big enough place to have lunch afterward. And then he gave Sam a beautiful blessing. The spirit was so strong in that chapel--it was such a special moment. Jared said Sam was looking up at him and coo-ing throughout the prayer.
Afterward we all (all 29 of us) went to the Huber's (a family in our ward who was out of town) for lunch and visiting. This day was so great. I will always remember the love I felt that day from Sam and Jared and my family and the Lord


marcihite said...

Yes!!! Kenz the slideshows look great! Your a natural blogger! I love all the pics! Keep it up! Good job sis!

Mandi said...

The picture of you and Sam and Jared at your house in his Tux is so gorgeous of all of you. You need to frame that one. Sam I think looks more and more like you Kenzi.