Thursday, January 8, 2009

we love to hike

Over the holidays we went on some great hikes. The first one is a nice short hike in Morro Bay called Black Hill. It's really short, but the view from the top is great. It looks right over the estuary and the sandspit and Morro Rock. Jared and I love this one. The other hike was in Upper Ojai. We got to cross a creek a couple times, but we never made it to the top. Jared and I love being outside and we think Sam really likes it too. Although he DOES sleep a lot when we do go on hikes.


marcihite said...

Kenz--I love that slide show! Ahhhhh! I really need to go on a good hike--I love to hike too. Gosh I miss you guys so much! Sam & Jared look so cute in all those pics & you of course do too (miss photogenic)! I hate not seeing you more often! Disneyland isn't too far away--Yahoo!

CandB Young said...

I love your guy's blog. Jennifer told me you found her on facebook and then she gave me your blog address, hope that's ok. Anyways, Black Hill is one of my most favorite hikes, so short, yet so rewarding. Feel free to use the link above to check out out boring, poorly neglected blog anytime.