Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Jared

Jared is such a good dad! And he loves being a dad too! As soon as he gets home from work he grabs Sam and puts kisses all over his cute face. I know that Sam misses his dad when he's gone because when Jared holsdsSam when he gets home from work Sam will just look up at his dad and smile so big! It is such a sweet thing to see.
The two pictures of Sam with his shirt on his head are of when Jared dresses Sam. Jared thinks it's the funniest thing to put his shirt on him like that and then snap a couple pictures. Jared thinks Sam looks like a puppy dog.
Thank you, Jared, for being such a good dad to our son. I love you so much and I know Sam loves you too!


Macon Family said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog, it's cool! Samuel already looks so grown up, and Jared looks like a fun and good daddy!

Lange Family said...

Samuel is getting so big. Looks like you guys had a great Holiday season....Happy New Year!