Thursday, January 29, 2009

Before and After


Sam is moving around so much. He doesn't roll over yet, but he scoots around, as you can see. I wanted to tell you all a funny story that happened this same morning. He had a blowout diaper so I got him all undressed and cleaned up, but I didn't have a change of close right there with me so I had so go back in i=his room for an outfit. He laying there in just his diaper and I come back and he's rolled onto his side with his legs up and his back is toward me. It is SOOO cold in our house in the morning so my hands were freezing. I touched Sam's bare back and he looks over his shoulder back at me and then at my cold hand and gave me such a dirty look! Like-"how dare you touch me with those cold hands!" It was so cute!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classic Sam face

This is a 'classic Sam' face. I get to see this everyday! Eyes wide, mouth open. I love it! He's just co curious--he HAS to open those eyes wide to take everything in. My friend, Julie took this picture while we were all watching one of Jared's church basketball games.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


No pictures for this one, but I have some exciting news to share. My last day of work is February 13th!!! I went back to work on January 5th, and I really have not liked being back. I went back because my works insurance plan is really great and I thought that we couldn't get on Jared's plan until their open enrollment time in May. BUT my great boss and even better friend, Melanie, told me that if I leave my job then that counts as a "qualifying event" that I could get on Jared's insurance before their open enrollment. Thank goodness for Melanie mentioning that. So Jared checked with his HR person and we found out that Melanie was right. When I told her that I was quitting she gave me hug. She could tell how unhappy I was and she remember when SHE had to go back to work after having her kids--she remembers hating it too. So, after the 13th I get to be Sam's FULL TIME MOM and I couldn't be happier. And Jared has also been great to support me in this. He knows more than anyone how I felt about going back to work--I LOVE you Jared.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Jared

Jared is such a good dad! And he loves being a dad too! As soon as he gets home from work he grabs Sam and puts kisses all over his cute face. I know that Sam misses his dad when he's gone because when Jared holsdsSam when he gets home from work Sam will just look up at his dad and smile so big! It is such a sweet thing to see.
The two pictures of Sam with his shirt on his head are of when Jared dresses Sam. Jared thinks it's the funniest thing to put his shirt on him like that and then snap a couple pictures. Jared thinks Sam looks like a puppy dog.
Thank you, Jared, for being such a good dad to our son. I love you so much and I know Sam loves you too!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

we love to hike

Over the holidays we went on some great hikes. The first one is a nice short hike in Morro Bay called Black Hill. It's really short, but the view from the top is great. It looks right over the estuary and the sandspit and Morro Rock. Jared and I love this one. The other hike was in Upper Ojai. We got to cross a creek a couple times, but we never made it to the top. Jared and I love being outside and we think Sam really likes it too. Although he DOES sleep a lot when we do go on hikes.

Sam's blessing--WHAT A DAY!

December 28, 2008--what a day!
First I have to thank mine and Jared's family. So many people came to support us and it made the day more special because we got to share it with those who could come.
Second, Jared did such a good job with everything! He made arrangement for places for almost everyone to stay and for a big enough place to have lunch afterward. And then he gave Sam a beautiful blessing. The spirit was so strong in that chapel--it was such a special moment. Jared said Sam was looking up at him and coo-ing throughout the prayer.
Afterward we all (all 29 of us) went to the Huber's (a family in our ward who was out of town) for lunch and visiting. This day was so great. I will always remember the love I felt that day from Sam and Jared and my family and the Lord

Christmas 2008 (I'm so behind!)

Here are the pictures from Sam's first Christmas! We had such a great time. All of Jared's brothers were home for Christmas and it was so great to be all together! I married into an amazing family--amazing and exciting! There is never a dull moment at the Bigler home.